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The CBHS Choice Network is a group of over 7,500 dental and optical providers who are committed to providing exceptional treatment to CBHS Corporate Health members while reducing or removing the gap for Extras services on optical frames, lenses, contact lenses and preventative dental treatments. When searching below, enter ‘Dentist’ or ‘Optometrist’ in the ‘I am looking for a …' field below and select a location. Look for the search results with a ‘Choice Network’ logo, which will appear at the top of your search results.

You can also use the search function to find a wide variety of medical specialists and other health practitioners beyond dentists and optometrists, but please check your policy or call Member Care on 1300 654 123 to confirm if your policy provides any cover for these providers.

Disclaimer: Choice Network benefits are subject to overall and available limits at time of service.

CBHS Corporate Health Agreement Hospitals provide you with complete knowledge of what will be covered under your insurance.

Find a provider with on-the-spot, automatic claiming technology.

Select a specialist that takes part in Access Gap Cover to avoid or minimise your out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatment as an inpatient at a private hospital.

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Australian Physiotherapy Association

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