Take control of your health insurance with cover that suits you.

As a single person you can mix and match Hospital and Extras cover to match your requirements and complement your age, life stage and lifestyle. This is your fund, and you’re in control. 

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Your lifestyle and health profile

Your lifestyle and health profile is a snapshot that makes it easier for you to find the right type of cover. Every lifestyle and health profile comes with a recommended list of insurance products to guide your choice. You can use our recommendations, or you can choose your own combination of Hospital and Extras cover. 


Young and Healthy

You’re young, healthy, and active. You’re not planning to have children in the near future. You’re looking for affordable health insurance within your budget range that will cover you for the essentials. 


Health Focused

Your career is on track and you’re starting to think more about your health. You’re looking for cover that includes a bit more than the basics (excluding pregnancy).


Quality Cover

You’ve ticked off a few more life goals, and you’re interested in looking after yourself and maintaining good health. You’re looking for quality insurance cover that gives you access to more services and products. 


Mature Singles

You’re mature and you know that it’s important to have cover for the things you need. You want extra protection and peace of mind from your health insurance. 

Peace of Mind

You’re looking for the most comprehensive health insurance policy and you want the highest level of health cover possible, so that you can be covered for unexpected events. 

Reach out

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