Join us as a couple and you can both enjoy the benefits of great health insurance. You don’t want your partner to miss out! 

Couple - Young Couple

Couples lifestyle profile

Mix and match our Hospital and Extras products to suit your budget or follow our recommendations to suit your lifestyle and health profile. You might be on a strict budget, trying to get fit, looking to start a family or facing retirement. Whatever your circumstances, we have a range of options to keep you and your partner covered.


Young Couple

You’re a young, healthy and active couple, and you’re looking for a product that will cover you for the basics. You’re just starting out in your careers or looking for your first health cover, and you’re budget conscious. 



Health Conscious

You and your partner have been in the workforce for a few years and you’re both more aware of your health and the need to take care of it. You’re seeking cover with more Extras and wellbeing benefits. 


Looking for Quality

You’ve settled down and you’re looking to start a family in the next few years. You want quality cover that offers much more than just the basics, and you’re exploring options that include benefits which focus on lifestyle and health-maintenance products. 



Mature Couple

You’re older and your healthcare needs are changing. You want cover that will protect you and your partner and support you in maintaining your health well into your retirement years. 



Looking for Peace of Mind

Only the highest level of cover will do for you and your partner. You want to be protected for regular, everyday services as well as for any unexpected situations. 

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