Health is culture and your people are the priority

Health is culture and your people are the priority

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Our 4 steps towards better Health & Wellbeing

We guide you through a process that creates and reinforces healthy change. This helps you better understand your people and objectives through continual planning, feedback, analysis and support.


1. Plan – Understanding your business and your people

We assess where you’re currently at and establish a new roadmap to Health & Wellbeing.

    Your workplace receives
  • A full health risk assessment
  • A snapshot of the health of your workplace
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Partnership goals and a workplace strategy
  • A 3-12 month calendar of Health & Wellbeing activities
  • An evaluation process with metrics for success
    Your people experience
  • An understanding of their current health state, risk rating and comparison to health guidelines
  • Feedback surveys
  • Health plans and profiles
  • Validated recommendations and actions

2. Engage – Driving communication and engagement

We put our plan into action and engage your people with tools and resources that build their knowledge.

    Your workplace receives
  • Positioning of your new culture of Health & Wellbeing
  • Messaging to raise awareness of health issues
  • Tools to promote Health & Wellbeing programs
  • Engagement of leadership to build a business case
    Your people experience
  • Regular communications about what is on offer, available and relevant to them
  • Education sessions to build health knowledge
  • Regular prompts to act and form new habits and behaviours to create healthy change

3. Navigate – Mapping out your health journey

We guide you to relevant tools, programs and activities, and connect you to the right Health & Wellbeing experts.

    Your workplace receives
  • A workplace Health & Wellbeing action plan
  • Ongoing guidance, workplace strategies and solutions
  • Access to a network of leading Health & Wellbeing providers
  • Program referral pathways
    Your people experience
  • Personal health advice and support
  • Assistance in navigating available tools and resources
  • Access to a network of trusted health experts
  • A choice of health care and wellbeing plans

4. Nurture - Grow your culture of health

Ongoing support, encouragement and feedback ensures that your people get the most out of the program.

    Your workplace receives
  • Proactive, leading, quality health care solutions
  • Ongoing evaluation and partnership
  • Long-term, sustainable model and ROI
  • A platform to track utilisation with prompts & incentives
  • Collated view of the effect from different wellness interventions over time
    Your people experience
  • Programs to help them stay well addressing key lifestyle factors and how to manage health risks and conditions
  • Milestones, reminders, motivators and accountability
  • An evolving plan that changes with the individual

Workplace happiness. The new ROI.

The impact to your culture can be visible within months

    Short term – 3-12 months see real behaviour change
  • More engaged, focused, attentive, connected, productive & resilient teams
  • Better decision making
    Medium term – In 1-3 years see a change in the health profile of your staff
  • More staff ‘fit for work’
  • Increased emotional, and mental wellbeing
  • Increased staff attendance
  • Greater job satisfaction
    Long term – In 3-5 years see a measurable business change and ROI
  • Proactive risk management
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased staff retention
  • Employee advocacy for the business
  • A healthier & happier culture

Start your workplace Health & Wellbeing journey today

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