Wellbeing solutions

We work with you to implement a range of tailored solutions to engage and inspire your people to healthy behaviour change. Find out what services might best suit your workers to minimise health risks and maximise productivity.

Wellness Solutions

We partner with you to:

Promote a culture of workplace health and happiness. CBHS Corporate Health can empower your leaders to build motivated, resilient individuals and more productive teams. As your partners, we take the time to understand your workplace health and needs.

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Find unique solutions

Every business needs a tailored approach. We’ll guide your development of a wellness plan using our broad range of industry experience, from banking and finance, health and education through to events and construction. We’ll develop programs we know will work.

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Execute, manage and evaluate

Trust us to oversee everything. We can select appropriate wellness activities, programs and services. We can find and book providers, develop marketing and promotional content, and conduct evaluations to demonstrate the effectiveness of your programs.

We give more back

Change your culture

Change can happen. Our professionals integrate a strategic program of wellness activities built on evidence-based practices to build healthy minds, healthy bodies and facilitate behavioural change. It’s challenging, but it can happen.

Examples of wellness services we coordinate for our clients

  • Immunisations, health checks, skin checks and health professional clinics 
  • Massage therapy  
  • Workshops and seminars: ergonomics and posture, nutrition, mindfulness, mental health 
  • Physical activity classes: yoga, meditation, aerobics, boxing and dance 
  • Cooking classes 
  • Employee assistance program services  
  • Sleep assessments 
  • Coaching and counselling 
  • Workplace settings assessments and building installations 

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