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About CBHS Corporate Health

The new private health fund that’s 60+ years old

CBHS Corporate Health is part of CBHS Health Fund - a health fund established in 1951 by the Commonwealth Bank. 

In 1995, CBHS Health Fund was set up as a separate, not-for-profit organisation - still with the core purpose of looking after the health care needs of employees, which soon expanded to include contractors, franchisees and their families. 

By 2016, its members numbered over 200,000. 

Today, we have embarked on a new journey: to bring our commitment to service, value and wellbeing to a wider audience. 

CBHS Corporate Health is dedicated to those employers and organisations who want the best health care for their employees. 

We bring with us the remarkable 100+ strong team and experience of CBHS Health Fund, but with a new focus. Working with employers, we develop a tailor-made plan that not only offers competitively-priced health cover, but also a vision to improve employee wellbeing. 

That wellbeing may be physical, mental, social or emotional. We have plans, expertise and guidance for all. These can be provided through a number of channels, helping to make a healthier, happier life more accessible. 

To find out more, please contact us. Or take some time to browse the information on this site. 

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CBHS Corporate Health values exceptional member care as one of our service priorities. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your cover, or about joining. Our friendly team is ready to assist you with your queries, and we invite you to connect with us by calling 1300 586 462 or sending an email to help@cbhscorp.com.au