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Creating a workplace where people can thrive

by CBHS Corporate Health | Jan 15, 2020
Are you looking to engage your workforce better in 2020? A targeted wellbeing plan can improve the health of your workforce and strengthen your business’s bottom line.

We’ve come a long way since health and safety regulations were first introduced to protect workers at risk of industrial accidents. Workplaces are safer than they’ve ever been. But how healthy and happy are the people who work in them? And can we do more to improve ‘worker wellness’?

Over 40% of Australia’s workforce is now made up of millennials and Gen Z. They’re sceptical about government, pessimistic about climate change and gloomy about the economy.

They also want something more substantial from their employers than free coffee and eccentric perks. Flexibility, collaboration and a workplace where they feel valued are all highly sought-after.

How you can help your workforce feel valued

  • If you aren’t sure of where to start, begin with a wellbeing risk assessment to understand the key issues in your business.
  • Open a channel of communications with your staff. Consider a staff survey or a more casual chat to ask them what would improve their wellbeing at work. Your strategy can be as large or small as your business can afford, but it must be meaningful to your employees and demonstrate that you are listening.
  • The results will help you define an annual wellbeing strategy specifically targeted to meet the needs of your employees. Each year is different and your employee needs change too.
  • Popular services such as skin checks in summer, flu vaccinations in winter, and raising awareness of mental health activities around September/October tend to book up quickly, so don’t leave it to the last minute to plan your wellbeing calendar for the year.

This issue is serious

  • More than half of Australian workers (57%) don’t believe their organisation has committed to any tangible actions to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Over 50 percent of Australian workers have experienced a mental health condition, and two in five of them claim their workplace either caused their condition or made it worse.

Wellness Works

There's strong evidence to support the effectiveness of successful health and wellbeing programs. Staff feel more valued, sick leave drops and creativity, retention and engagement all increase. What’s more, productivity also improves.

CBHS Corporate Health is experienced in this field. We can help you identify your workplace wellness needs, and help you plan and implement a range of health and wellness initiatives throughout the year.

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