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  • Man eating burger

    How blokes can eat better | Beating diabetes and obesity

    Australian men’s diets are pretty tragic. While the overall population isn’t eating according to their best health interests, men tend to have more health problems associated with their dietary habits.
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  • Girl drinking water

    Sports drinks vs water - what's better?

    The sports drinks vs water debate has been going on for years, with many arguments for both sides. There’s a lot to consider when deciding what to drink when exercising, the most important thing being your hydration level. The human body loses water through sweat when exercising and this water must be replaced to maintain your body’s health.
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  • Girl checking phone

    Here's how social media affects your mental health

    Is being social radically different from being on social media? Check out what we've discovered when looking into the emotional impact of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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  • Man doing crossword

    5 mental workouts to keep your mind busy

    Your mind works in similar ways to a muscle – to keep it healthy and active, you’ve got to give it a workout. Use these simple methods to ensure your mind is getting its daily exercise.
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  • Colourful tasty spices

    Salt alternatives | Spice and herb guide

    Australians' eat almost double the daily recommended amount of sodium in their diet. Discover great alternative spices like paprika, turmeric and sumac and what dishes they work with.
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  • Overcoming stress

    How to use stress as a tool

    Why avoid stress when you can use it? Stress is a tool that can boost your immune system, increase your focus, and make you a more resilient to challenges.
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