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  • Chase the snow, keep your fitness up with a European ski holiday

    We all know that skiing requires physical effort, what you might not know however is just how good skiing (and boarding) can be for improving your fitness levels. Why not balance some beach time with experiencing a European winter and get in some fantastic exercise in the process?
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  • Antibiotic resistance: Causes and consequences

    With the creation of antibiotics and other modern medicines, doctors today are able to treat infections quickly. But now the rise in antibiotic resistance bacteria is worrying the medical community.
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  • Raising children in the age of entitlement

    Children today are being raised in the ‘Age of Entitlement’, which has given rise to negative emotions and emotional pollutants in children. Find out more about how to help your children with these pollutants here.
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  • How Poor Sleeping Habits Can Compromise Your Health

    It has been estimated that as many as one in five people suffer from sleep deprivation. One study has shown that more than half of the adult population (58%) in the US have experienced mild to chronic insomnia or sleep disorders. While most people have probably experienced a form of sleeplessness at some stage in their life, chronic and prolonged sleeplessness can lead to mental and physical health issues. This article describes the different types of sleeping disorders, how they can impact health and how they can be treated.
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  • Is Fake Tan Bad for You?

    Self-tanning products have been touted as safe alternatives to sunbaking and tanning beds in order to achieve a sun-kissed glow.
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  • Alcohol addiction – how to know when you’re in denial

    If you are turning to alcohol to better cope with problems, escape reality or avoid feeling bad, you could be slipping into dangerous territory. The sooner you get to grips with your approaching problem, the easier it is to handle.
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