Product sheets

CBHS Corporate Health offers a comprehensive range of health insurance products to suit all ages and lifestyles. These plain-English product sheets are designed to help you understand your cover and benefits, as well as any exclusions or restrictions.

Package Cover

CBHS Corporate Health offers the below Package cover which combines benefits for hospital and extras services in one easy-to-understand package:

Premium Package (Gold)

HealthStarter (Basic Plus)

Hospital Cover

CBHS Corporate Health offers the below Hospital cover for members:

Gold Hospital

CBHS Corporate Health's Gold Hospital cover offers the highest level of hospital cover available, and is designed for those who want cover for unexpected situations.

Silver Plus Hospital

Designed for young professionals and empty nesters, Silver Plus Hospital is a high level product that covers more than the basics while excluding some services you are less likely to need - like pregnancy.

Bronze Plus Hospital

Bronze Plus Hospital is suitable for the young and healthy who wants private hospital cover for most services while happy to exclude things not need at this stage of life.

Entry Hospital (Basic Plus)

Entry Hospital (Basic Plus) cover is suitable for those who want to be covered for the basics and to be able to choose their own doctor or specialist when receiving treatment in a public hospital.

Extras Cover

(only available with a Hospital cover)

CBHS Corporate Health has three Extras products: Premier Extras, Value Extras and Starter Extras.

Premier Extras

Premier Extras is CBHS Corporate Health's premium extras product, providing members with generous coverage for a comprehensive range of services and treatments.

Value Extras

Value Extras is suitable for those who want benefits for common services and treatment. It includes generous service limits, cover for preventative dental services and wellness benefits.

Starter Extras

Starter Extras offers extras cover at an affordable price. Included are benefits for preventative dental, wellness benefits and basic cover for dental, optical, chiropractic and physiotherapy services.

Closed Product

The following product is closed to new members and transferring members. This remain available to members who were covered at the time of product closure, and have not since transferred to a new policy.

Core Hospital (previously known as Bronze Hospital)

More information

CBHS Corporate Health is committed to exceptional member care. If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to contact us by calling our team on 1300 586 462, or by sending an email to