Member forms

On this page you’ll find our claim form, please click to download the forms or right click to save the form to your computer.

Member forms

CBHS Corporate Health recognises that having access to simple and fast claiming is important to our members, which is why we have a quick and easy online eClaim system.  We also offer a range of options for submission of claims. On this page you’ll find our claim form, along with other forms such as our membership application, direct debit request and change of details forms. Please click to download the forms or right click to save the form to your computer. 

  • Transfer Certificate Request Form

    Use this form to transfer your membership to CBHS Corporate Health from another private health insurer. This form authorises CBHS Corporate Health to cancel your existing membership and it facilitates a quicker transfer, as benefits can’t be paid to you until your former fund forwards a certificate of clearance to us. If you and your partner are both transferring to CBHS Corporate Health from separate memberships, please complete separate forms for each individual.

  • Accident/Injury/Condition Form

    The Accident/Injury/Condition Form allows CBHS Corporate Health to access the member’s claim in relation to an accident, injury or condition. You’ll need to outline the nature of the injury or condition and provide other relevant details such as date of occurrence and whether the injury occurred at work. 

  • Health Management Program Authorisation Form

    Use this form to claim benefits for approved healthcare programs under CBHS Corporate Health Wellness Benefits. You will need to ask your health care provider to complete the relevant sections of this form.

  • Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance Application Form

    Use this form if you want to receive the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance as a reduction on your insurance premiums, or if you want to change your details in regard to these rebates.


    Forms should be lodged directly to CHBS Corporate Health rather than the Department of Human Services. We will process these forms on your behalf.

  • Claim Form

    Have you checked out our simple online eClaim process? Members who claim online typically receive their benefits within 1-2 working days. Most services can be claimed online and the total fee for the eClaim should be $500 or less. 

    If you need to lodge a paper claim simply follow the instructions below:

    Use this claim form to make a claim for any Extras, Medical and/or Hospital services. You should read this form carefully as it contains information on important matters such as claims, additional documents to support your claim, and our privacy policy in relation to collecting your information.

  • Medicare Claim Form

    Submit your claims to Medicare by using this form.

  • Medicare Two-Way Claim Form

    Use this form for service providers who do not participate in Access Gap and bill you directly. This form allows Medicare to forward your claim to us for remaining benefits after they have processed your claim.

  • Suspension of Cover Form

    You can use this form to apply to suspend your cover for a fixed period of time, whether the suspension is related to financial hardship, travel or leave without pay. Find out more about suspending by calling us on 1300 586 462 or contacting us by email at

Contact Us

CBHS Corporate Health values exceptional member care as one of our service priorities. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your cover, or about joining. Our friendly team is ready to assist you with your queries, and we invite you to connect with us by calling 1300 586 462 or sending an email to