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Health information

Health information

Articles, tips and insights to help you make better decisions about your wellbeing, your health insurance and your life.

Supporting your health and wellbeing

At CBHS Corporate Health, we’re committed to helping you understand how to improve the quality of your life, and understand the services and products we provide.

tips and articles

Tips to improve your daily health & wellness

Whether you’re a marathon runner or a healthy teenager, you should be always looking for ways to improve your health and wellbeing. Our tips will provide you with inspiration, motivation or just new ways to look after you and your family.

Each month, we publish topical health and wellbeing information and articles. Articles range from healthy recipes, stories shared from our members, health events or news.

Our latest articles

  • Work life balance

    How to achieve work life balance

    There is a lot of talk about work/life balance these days, but achieving a better balance between the hours you work and the time you spend with family and friends is often easier said than done.
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  • Salty diet

    Is your diet too salty?

    A little bit of salt is needed in everyone’s diet, but the average Australian is currently eating way too much of it. These foods have a surprisingly large amount of salt in them.
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  • Quick homemade dinner

    Quick and simple dinners

    After a long day at work the last thing you want to do is cook a complicated meal. Here are some dinner recipes that are not only quick and healthy, they are tasty too.
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  • Meditation

    Stress less and meditate

    When it comes to managing the stresses of every day life, meditation can go a long way towards controlling them. Meditation offers a huge range of benefits, helping you to sleep, lower stress and keep focused.
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Information on how private insurance works

Private health insurance, hospitals, medicare and taxes are subject to government legislation and regulation. CBHS Corporate Health provides health insurance in compliance to these regulations. Visit these pages for more information on government initiatives that impact your cover and premium.

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